About Us

About Us

A Technology Company for Buyers, Sellers, and Enthusiasts

We Are Passionate About Technology

Oz Robotics is a Technology Company where Buyers, Sellers and Enthusiasts around the world gathered to Buy, Sell and Learn about Robotics, Drones, 3D Printers, Consumer Electronics, Machineries, Software and many other smart techs, parts and gears that can be used for Businesses, Education, Hobby, Industrial Applications, Home Use, Office, Research, and Entertainment.

Oz Robotics is a VERIFIED™ Business by Dun & Bradstreet,Our D-U-N-S number: 035643375 – Verified
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At Oz Robotics, we import, export Smart Technologies, and offer custom manufacturing, modification, and customization services for Mecanum and Omni Wheels, DC Brush Motor Drivers, Embedded Systems, PCB and IoT design for companies, schools and other industries. See Cobot

We partner with manufacturers and brands of all industries and sizes to sell their technology globally. Oz Robotics is based in New York, but our partners, customers, and affiliates live and work from all over the world. We support people with good ideas because they deserve a chance to succeed, as well as those with a passion for what they do as a living, which usually means building great things for us all. We work very hard to make it easy for creative minds and entrepreneurs to market their products, and for consumers to find the best technologies no matter where they are located. Check our process page to see how we find the best products for our customers. Read customer testimonials.

We want to empower people to build greater things with technology while helping them to make their work accessible to everyone


People are the main reason behind what we do and why we do it. We’re dedicated to excellence and are constantly searching for exceptional technology companies and entrepreneurs to join us no matter where they are located.


We look for innovation in all forms from all corners of the world. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the quality of our products through hard work, research and listening to our global customers and vendor partners.

We Think Global

We are globally-minded professionals with a diverse team and passion. Wherever you are, we’re happy to work with you. We support Crowdfunding Projects to help startups to get their work done efficiently.


We’re big fans of technology and are committed to working hard to connect innovators and consumers. We’re fully aware of the importance of having strong relationships with our customers and business partners.


To sustain ourselves and our partners, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills, the services we provide, market share, influence and leadership. Our success in business is the result of enthusiasm.


Not only do we work 365 days out of the year, but we enjoy it. Don’t be shy, let us know what you’ve been doing for fun other than work. Besides technology, we also enjoy researching and reading academic and scientific books!

We Love What We Do

We focus on what we love to do, and what we know best. We want you to know that Oz Robotics is a provider of world-class tech products by the Most Creative Entrepreneurs for Personal Use, Home and Business Needs of high-quality and offered at incredible prices.

Technology Companies

Oz Robotics partner with Creative Technology Companies via special invitation to sell their products to all size industries, businesses, educational centers, research, governments and other institutions worldwide.

Products and Services


We help you buy the latest and newest Smart Techs, Humanoid Robots, Autonomous Drones, and 3D Printers.


We bring you the finest Apps, SaaS and Software developed by the finest programmers and companies in the industry.

Tech Services

Technology Services provided by Tech Entrepreneurs and Companies to solve your needs for your business.


We also offer manufacturing services for Robotics, Mecanum and Omni Wheels, Motors, Embedded Systems, and IoT.

Web Hosting

Fast and Reliable website hosting plans, business emails, web security, affordable domain prices and more.

Web Solutions

Oz Robotics offers Professional Web Services for businesses, professionals & bloggers. We’ve got your back.

Let’s partner to make the internet a much better place with even better technologies!
You can. You will. And we’ll help you.

Partnering with Oz Robotics

As a Technology Company, collaboration has been the foundation of our growth, ensuring better product with a strong community of Technology Entrepreneurs. We continue this model by partnering with Technology Companies, Research and Educational Organizations, and Individuals in a variety of ways. If you have technology or product with newer features then please do let us know because our customers might benefit from, and open great opportunities for you, we would love to hear about it.

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